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  • olympic gymnast: jumps 20 feet in the air, defies all laws of physics, does 10 backflips, defeats voldemort, comes back down and lands perfectly on the balance beam while fireworks go off in the background
  • me: falls on face trying to put socks on
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I secretly fangirl over some of you

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my sister is going to a party later and shes bringing 3 bottles of vodka but i poured out the vodka and replaced it with water

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if your url comes up in my browser after typing the first letter, you have no hope of escaping this friendship.

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my computer keeps me warm in winter

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“fuck love” the 12 year old girl writes on facebook after breaking up with her boyfriend of 3 days

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i feel really bad when people screw up in the olympics like


no let them do it again i’m sure they can do it right if they tried again oh no

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this is why no one likes you

I constantly feel like I need to apologize for my country 

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Really. Your mom?


Really. Your mom?

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